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Rap Food Wraps

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We created these hip-hop-inspired beeswax wraps featuring designs inspired by Coolio, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg. The simple, reusable, and plastic-free alternative to cling film & plastic bags. Why beeswax wraps? Instead of using plastic wrap to cover food items or bowls, you can use a beeswax wrap. The organic beeswax is naturally adhesive and will stick to itself. Simply wash your wrap in cold water and let it dry to re-use over and over again. Compostable after 1.5+ years.

Includes 3 wraps.

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Sappy sentimental gifts are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to boring with products that make people laugh. Featured on Good Morning America, The View, and Buzzfeed, our products are useful, environmentally friendly and hilarious.
Boldfaced (formerly Fairgoods) is operated by Lauren Stanley and Shauna Hartsook. We’re based in Calgary, so we say sorry a lot and add the letter “u” to most words.

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Belong Lifestyle

You shine when your outward appearance reflects your individuality.

At Belong Lifestyle, we believe that being comfortable, confident, current and creative in your own skin begins with clothes that fit well, feel amazing and are styled for your lifestyle. We’re here to witness and facilitate that process with a whole lot of fun thrown in. 



A few reasons why I love Belong Lifestyle. The ladies are real, they tell you how something fits, feels and they genuinely care about you and want you to love their clothes. It’s not just about selling it’s about the relationship with the customers.


I love how everything fits, I have yet to buy something I have not fallen in love with. One of my favourite things was the surprise box, I have never worn a pencil skirt nor was I a fan of animal print but the ladies have changed how I think and how I look at myself in the mirror and I wear my pencil skirt at least once a week!


Thanks Abbie, Deena and Lana for being real women who are real about fashion and clothes and all the other things in between. Your podcasts are awesome and I love listening to them on repeat! They were in my top of 2019 on Spotify.

Calle B.
Saskatoon, Sk

I don’t really know how to appropriately convey what a game changer Belong Lifestyle has been for me (and so many others, I’m sure). Do they curate and consign amazing clothing? Absolutely. Do they offer something for a wide range of body types, style preferences and at an amazing price? You bet they do! Do they help you view style as something that is available and achievable for ANYONE? Put another check in the “yup” column.


But Belong is so much more than clothing. Belong is a community. Belong is a lens through which any woman can come to see the world — from a position of beauty, acceptance and life.


Belong makes you feel valuable, worthy and beautiful and in a world there so often does the opposite they are a breath of fresh air. They tackle real life issues, through real life conversations, and they help everyone have a voice. They challenge the status quo, help us see the beauty in ourselves, and creates opportunity for women to lift each other up.


Will you love their clothes? You bet your ass you will! Will you start to gather a toolbox of easy styling tips and tricks that help you look and feel your best? You better believe it. But the biggest gift you will walk away with is having come to know them and for you to start to see yourself the way they see you — as valuable, worthy and absolutely GORGEOUS!


If you know Belong and the amazing women that comprise it, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know them ... make it your 2020 mission. You’ll get some killer apparel and Cecile part of the most beautiful community of women

Kristin S.
Martensville, Sk

Be Seen

Belong in your body

Be Heard

Belong Lifestyle


Present over perfect. Create over hesitate. You are a gift to the world.

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