Dana Earrings by Kat
Dana Earrings by Kat

Dana Earrings by Kat

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These brass dangle earrings are 24k gold plated and whether you pair them with the matching necklace or wear them as a stand-alone piece, they will have everyone asking, where did you find those?

This piece is part of the collection from local Martensville Designer, Katarina  @kjjewelrybykat. Making jewellery inspired by the strongest, inspirational people Kat knows. Donating 10% of sales to charity.

This piece is located in our Martensville store.

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I love that the gals at Belong have a keen sense of fashion which means all their pieces are on trend! Their clothing is super comfy, high quality and very affordable!! They also offer huge value through their social media with all of the videos they do on different ways to style different pieces. This is incredibly helpful to me as it gives me ideas on how to use pieces I already have in my closet as well as how to wear items from their shop that catch my eye!! I often buy things I wouldn’t have considered otherwise because of their pictures and videos that demonstrate how to style them.

Ashley R.
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I absolutely love the service that Belong Lifestyle offers. They made me love my existing clothes again and also helped me find new pieces that are perfect for my new look. I don't have a natural sense of style and they have helped me up my game - and feel great while doing it.

Katrina G.
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