Consignment Status- Currently Closed


INTAKE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED to the public.  Check back near the end of summer for our next intake window.


Level A: High level brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach....pieces generally cost $150 +.  Same applies for shoes and handbags.

 Level B: Your expensive mall stores like Aritzia, RW& Co, Banana Republic, Roots, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Loft....pieces range from $70-150.

 Level C: Your go-to stores like the Gap, Ricki's, H&M...pieces range from $20-80.

 Level D: Old Navy, Reitmans, Joe Fresh, Walmart, Target...pieces are under 30$...please note that if you've paid less than 20$ for a new item, receiving 50% of the discounted price of that item may not be worth the consigning process.


  • All items must be freshly laundered, dry cleaned or ironed.  
  • Pieces in excellent, new or barely-worn condition and generally no more than two years' old. 
  • Pieces that came home with you but haven't been worn or even still have tags on sell very easily.

Please be selective with your gently used clothing:

  • If you wouldn't give it as a gift, it's probably not worth consigning,
  • If you paid less than 20$ for it, please donate it to charity
  • If you've worn it more than 10 times, see any stains, missing buttons, pilling, 
  • Underarm stains, obvious wear on shoes, purses - don't bring it in.


If your pieces meet this criteria, you can fill out our intake form.  If you are new to consigning with Belong, you will have a contract sent to you also.