Christmas Gift Guide- Kirsten

Here are my top three picks and my thoughts about them:  You will see a theme of self empowerment and being yourself in my choices!
1.  Golden Girls-Sopia Candle-Picture it, Christmas 2020.  The world is in the midst of a global pandemic.  You can't go out and party with your squad.  So you light this baby up, summon your inner Sophia Petrillo and make the best damn sauce you have ever made.  You invite the squad over and unleash your savage mouth on them to keep it real.  Perfect gift for those of us who watched the Golden Girls on Saturday nights in the 80's and early 90's, or the whole new generation of fans binging the series on Netflix!
2. Lizzo Pencil Set- Show them all who is 100% that bitch.  Feel good as hell while drafting flow charts, filling in bubble sheets in exams (do they still have those?) or just writing your everyday to-do lists...while unleashing your inner queen!
3. Be You The World Will Adjust- Just in time for the holidays.....YOU DO YOU.  'Let whoever think whatever' -Glennon Doyle.  Live your best life and let the world take it!! Perfect for a spot where you are totally yourself-your bathroom, dressing area, or office!

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