Christmas Gift Guide- Kristin

Be the Light Graphic Sweatshirt.

I can see ALL women wearing and OWNING this shirt! The world needs a hell of a lot more kindness and love, and if we hope to change this crazy ol world of ours we have to remember that the most powerful change starts at home! :) 
Thou Shall Not Try Me

Um ... every mom in the history of Momming needs this cute wooden sign. Period. Full stop. Buy the sign. Remind the kids. 
Be you the World Will adjust. 

I want this in my office and the office/home of ever kick ass woman I know. We all need a reminder that the world is not here to change us. We are here to change the world! 
Sherpa Grey Plaid Blanket

Cold Blooded Hockey Mom's Unite! What is Saskatchewan arena without a cozy blanket? With social distancing firmly in place, cuddling for warmth is frowned upon. Solution found!!! 
Golden Girl Candles (all of them)

Where my 80's ladies at??? Who didn't grow up loving them some Golden Girls! I have a beautiful group of friends and I joke that we are the modern-day Golden Girls ... I see a candle coming their way from their very own secret Santa!