Belong Insider Club- EMAIL TO SEND OUT

Sept 13 2020: Monique, Emma, Sharon, Laurie, Ashley R. Amanda, Dunja, Shirley, Kristin, Dena, Amanda, Leslie and Denille. 

Oh hey friend,

You are receiving this message because over the past year, you have been incredibly supportive of us and our small shop and we wanted to take you moment to thank you.  We have been thinking of ways we could show our heartfelt appreciation and have decided to create a secret Insider Club just for you. 

Welcome! Here are some of the fun perks just for being you:

  • 2 week return window instead of 1.
  • Option of return for full refund instead of store credit.
  • All our community membership perks (consign at a 50/50 rate at anytime, preorders and weekly emails)
  • Super secret you fabulous you only content on here to see what we have lined up for you for this inaugural week!
  • A Birthday Present from Belong!
  • Referral Program (coming soon)
  • Monthly Coupons!
  • Private Party Bookings with Hostess Perks just for you! 

Again, we just wanted a way to show you our appreciation over the past year, we are so grateful to have you in our life. Hope you have a super day



*Members of the Insider Club spend $1500/year with Belong. We'll update our database accordingly every month for new members and every year anniversary.


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