Belong LEVELS- just for information


Public- anyone can sign up.  Monthly email with general updates, the odd sale? People who haven't spent $ in our store. 

Community Membership - has reached 100$ in annual purchases or paid the 100$ membership fee.

  • Consign with us at a 50/50 rate
  • Preorders
  • Weekly email, just like it has been done since the beginning of time

Insider Club - spends 1500$ + annually 

  • 2 week return window.
  • Option of return for $ refund.
  • All of the Community Membership perks
  • Member only content on webpage
  • Birthday Present
  • Referral Program
  • Monthly Coupons
  • Private Party Bookings with Hostess Perks



  • according to Shopify, 15 customers are insider club.  463 would be Community Membership. Mailchimp numbers are different. Do we send them an email (from shopify) data so they can confirm their membership? There are 320 customers who have spent less than 100$ in the past year.


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