Deena- Shoes to Shiraz

Hey guys, this is Deena...the organizational creative brains behind our mission.

Well I like to think that I'm organized but I have my moments where I go rogue and don't write things down in my planner and leave my clothing in heaps and piles on the floor.  Gasp.
I know, total badass.  But to my street cred, I did change my name legally when I was 13 from Dena to Deena and I also moved across the country at 16 to live in Montreal and learn more french, so I'm partial rebel.

I'd like to think that those little moments defined the person I am.

Who am I ? Well I'm a mom, a daughter, a sister, a teacher.....I could continue.  I mean, I'm a lot of things and while they all are a piece of who I am- I wouldn't say they define me.   And that is what I'm currently struggling with right now.  I have left my 15 year career as a French High School Teacher and am now being a full time mom.  While I am the happiest I have ever been, I am also still trying to figure out the "who" I am part because apparently my job doesn't define me either.

I share my thoughts/fashion/tribulations/randomramblings over at Shoes to Shiraz.  Writing is a great creative outlet for me but so is shopping?  I think that's why I'm really looking forward to this endeavour with Abbie and Rachel- I am passionate about each part of it so good things will come, right?

So here's to taking big leaps and being courageous this year.  Let's care less about what others think about us and care more about doing the things that make us happy.

Regardless, I thank you for coming along for the ride!

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