About Belong Consignment September 2020

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The secret’s out: Belong Lifestyle is not your average shop. 

We are in the business of building women up, of creating a community, of giving women the tools they need to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin because we believe that your worth is more than your outer shell. When you feel great on the inside and love yourself for the magnificent goddess that you are, you will radiate beauty on the outside.  Clothing is just a small piece of that.

We believe that what we wear, what we do, who we're raising, and how we spend our time are only an element of complex makeup that defines our soul.

Just like our philosophy, our consignment process is unlike other stores.  We are interested in consigning clothing from women who are active patrons in our community, be it through our online forums, visits to our local shop or participation in our courses. 

We strive to collect consignment that is carefully curated with pieces that are like new, current and unique. We see our consigning process more of a closet share amongst friends and we are continually making sure that the items available are desirable for the season and for a range of bodies. You can read more about our consignment intake process here.


*****I might take this next section out.....if they are someone who has bought with us, then they automatically get 50/50...if I see they aren't then I send them the above part. Basically doing away with the 100$ fee and only letting people who are active patrons have the 50/50 split.  Does that make sense?

When consigning, members of our community receive a 50/50 split with monthly payouts as well as additional perks. Are you new to Belong and you'd like to become a member? You can purchase our annual membership for $100 here or make a purchase at the store of $100 worth of fun clothes.  

If you would still like to drop off your clothes but aren't interested in shopping our store, members of the public may consign during the allotted times.  Our needs for intake will be dependant upon season, size and styles we are missing from our collection. Our consignment payout for members of the public is a 70/30 split and will be open for two weeks per season.  See website for dates and updated lists of store needs.


*Community memberships are updated yearly 

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