Consigning with Belong

Consignment Intake is open for current Belong customers


 At this time with increased demand to consign pieces, we are restructuring our curated consignment to promote community involvement in store and online. This community involvement encompasses participating as a customer in our store and/or spreading the word about Belong Lifestyle to friends and family on social media in our online share program.

New Consignor?  Please fill out an application

Steps for Consigning:

  1.  Complete Consignor Application/Contract
  2.  Fill out Google Intake Form *all pieces being considered must be accounted for on this sheet.
  3.  Belong Consignment Team reviews your intake sheet and let's you know what they'll look at and approves your list.
  4. Consignor drops off pieces in a labelled box/bag at drop spot.  Pieces must be freshly cleaned.  


Currently Level A & B pieces only accepted.  This intake is geared to the Spring/Summer season and we are looking to fill the holes in what we are lacking and what people are asking for. 

YES- Lululemon tops, sweaters, jackets, current on trend Lululemon pants that are like new. 

YES- Jackets, Blazers, Kimonos, etc.  Short sleeve/ Long sleeve blouses, fun tops &  unique dresses. 

NO-  handbags, jewelry, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts or shoes.   


Level A: High level brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach....pieces generally cost $150 +. 

 Level B: Your expensive mall stores like Aritzia, RW& Co, Banana Republic, Roots, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Loft....regular retail price of pieces range from $70-$150.

 Level C: Your go-to stores like the Gap, Ricki's, H&M...pieces range from $20-$80.

 Level D: Old Navy, Reitmans, Joe Fresh, Walmart, Target pieces, ...pieces are under 30$...please note that if you've paid less than 20$ for a new item, receiving 50% of the discounted price of that item may not be worth the consigning process.


All items must be freshly laundered, dry cleaned or ironed.  You will be charged a 15$ laundering fee (taken from your first payout) if any pieces need cleaning.  These pieces must be in excellent, new or barely-worn condition and generally no more than two years' old.  Pieces that came home with you but haven't been worn or even still have tags on sell very easily, pieces with piling or stains do not.  Please make sure all pockets are clean out and there are no treasures left.

Please be selective with your gently used clothing:

  • If you wouldn't give it as a gift, it's probably not worth consigning,
  • If you paid less than 20$ for it, please donate it to charity
  • If you've worn it more than 10 times, see any stains, missing buttons, pilling, 
  • Underarm stains, obvious wear on shoes, purses - don't bring it in.

 How does our consignment process work?  

We have multiple levels of consigning and payouts, ranging from a full 50/50 split of profits to a 60/40 with the consignor getting 60% of the sale price towards store credit.  We have a unique consigning process that welcomes you into our community of women supporting women and are different from other shops.  This is all explained in our application.   


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