Christmas Gift Guide- Kristin


I can see ALL women wearing and OWNING this shirt! The world needs a hell of a lot more kindness and love, and if we hope to change this crazy ol world of ours we have to remember that the most powerful change starts at home! :) 

Um ... every mom in the history of Momming needs this cute wooden sign. Period. Full stop. Buy the sign. Remind the kids. 

I want this in my office and the office/home of ever kick ass woman I know. We all need a reminder that the world is not here to change us. We are here to change the world! 

Cold Blooded Hockey Mom's Unite! What is Saskatchewan arena without a cozy blanket? With social distancing firmly in place, cuddling for warmth is frowned upon. Solution found!!! 

Where my 80's ladies at??? Who didn't grow up loving them some Golden Girls! I have a beautiful group of friends and I joke that we are the modern-day Golden Girls ... I see a candle coming their way from their very own secret Santa!

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