The (not so) Perfect Selfie

The (not so) Perfect Selfie

I wish that as women, when we got 'THE TALK' (you know the one) from our moms or from our best friend in grade 9 or from late night TV that our ongoing body changes would have been a part of it. Like: 

"Listen little Sally, your body is going to go through some changes and it might feel scary and weird, but it's totally normal. And then when you hit 21 that will happen again. And then when you have kids, that will happen again. And then when you hit 35, that will happen again. And then when you hit 50, that will happen again..."

But maybe you didn't get that talk so let's chat. 

Your body is the just wrapping that holds the incredible soul that is you. We never stop changing and neither do our bodies. Let's embrace the NOW. 

One way to embrace the now is to get in the frame. Seeing yourself in a photo is a great way to start embracing the body you're in.  If you're not comfortable being in the photos with your people, we double dog dare you to start taking selfies, even secretly.  No one will know, we promise. 

Seeing yourself through a photo rather than a mirror can allow you to actually assess whether you:

1. Like your outfit.

2. Look great.

3. Want to save that look for future styling.


So... let's talk selfies.

You can go down another Alice in Wonderland sized rabbit hole on this one. We've got the duck face selfies, the 'found my light' selfie, the 'I'm bored selfie,' the 'hair curtain' selfie. Good grief. Take a moment to pray for the kids you know growing up in this crazy age... then take a moment to watch this:


So today, we're challenging you to take the (not so) perfect selfie. Do it for you. Document your REAL life and your REAL self. 


On that note, here are our best selfie tips:


Prep it up: Before taking a selfie, make sure to wipe down your phone camera (back and front). Selfies work best not zoomed in and with little or no filter and in a place with fairly bright natural light.

To narrow down the crazy, here are the three main types of selfies that are best for our challenge: 

1. The Mirror selfie:

The mirror selfie gives a great full body look with the benefit of being able to see exactly what you're doing (meaning less time and less takes). It show all of you straight on and gives a great outfit example to share and to keep as inspiration. It's also our favourite because it's your creative process and YOU showing YOU!

Tips: Step forward so your whole self fills the mirror. You can bring the phone closer or further from the mirror to get that look.

Here's Karen with a GREAT mirror selfie:

She's nice and close to the mirror, She's smiling and looks comfortable. We can see her full outfit and she has a natural pose (crossed legs and hand on hip). BAM! 100%!

2. Extended arm selfie:

Using one arm, extend it above you at an angle or, extend both arms up to get a symmetrical look. This selfie is great on the go. You get the whole outfit idea looking down the body but often lose your gorgeous face.

Example via Nowthaticando:

Variation? Selfie Stick Selfies: Basically the extended arm selfie with the benefit of no pulled neck muscles. 

Example via IG:

3. The 
Timer Selfie:

Set your phone up somewhere, choose the 10 second timer and RUN!

If you have a human who can hold a phone in proximity, you can basically set them up to take your photo too. Choose your spot first and then position your human tripod or they may get annoyed.

Check out these hotties in this selfie version:

Note that Alison is in a neutral background whereas Michelle was ambushed. Find a place for your selfie and a pose that works for you!

Belong Lifestyle Top Selfie tips:

1. Smile. Sometimes we are concentrating so hard on getting the photo that we may look constipated. For reals.

2. Lower your shoulders: Deena and Abbie both do this weird hunchy thing whenever they pose in photos. It's a conscious thing to lower your shoulders and straighten your back.

3. What do I do with my hands? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Hand on your hip or your high natural waist

  • Tilt your head or look to the side/to the ground

  • Pop out one knee

  • Push your hair behind your ear.

  • Turn to one side.

  • Cross your legs

  • Place one leg out to the side. 

Bonus points:

  1. Tag us in your selfies today! Why not share one on Facebook or Instagram and see what happens?

  2. Set yourself up an album on your phone just for outfit inspiration. Save your own selfies there. When you're stumped, an album full of combos from your wardrobe on your body is the best tool ever. 


Deena, Lana & Abbie

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