May is for Mothers

"We are all mothers to a new generation."
We love this image via The Well Collab because our community is made up of women holding each other up, cheering each other on and raising children side by side.
As we learn to belong in our skin, in our bodies and in our God-given talents and roles, we transmit the message of power and love to the next generation. This month (and not just this Sunday), we celebrate all that makes up motherhood and we are bringing you three stories of local women and her daughters as they navigate business and life, right here in the Saskatoon area. 
It's important to be seen. It's important to be heard. As we listen to these stories of women embracing their gifts, we feel excitement and commitment to raise our own daughters to be women of strength and to foster an environment where they can grow in powerful ways. 
Each of us is an example and a mentor to the women growing around us. Let's raise each other up.
Come on along as we showcase some local Mother/Daughter teams in business and life on  Facebook and on  Instagram.