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Founded in the early 1980s, ORIGINAL AU COTON, more commonly known as AU COTON, is the iconic Quebec brand of loose and casual clothing.

ORIGINAL AU COTON offers high-quality, comfortable products that empower consumers in Canada and around the world to express their style and individuality.

After nearly 20 years of absence, AU COTON returns to the public arena with a clear objective  in mind  : To establish the brand at the heart of Quebec culture and make it shine proudly across Canada and the world .

With the launch of its online store and the opening of its new flagship store located on Amherst Street (soon Atateken), in the heart of the Montreal Village, AU COTON is offering a micro clothing collection consisting of hoodies, hoodies and joggers. This collection is a foretaste of the complete clothing collection scheduled for fall 2019.

Proudly designed in Montreal, we can therefore announce the return of the legendary logo, with all the comfort and authenticity of the ORIGINAL AU COTON brand 

Au Coton
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  • Au Coton Cargo Sweatpants

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    Au Coton Cargo SweatpantsAu Coton Cargo Sweatpants
  • Au Coton Bike Shorts

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    Au Coton Bike ShortsAu Coton Bike Shorts
  • Au Coton Boxy Tee

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    Au Coton Boxy TeeAu Coton Boxy Tee