Testimonials from our Mini Master Classes

Testimonials from our Mini Master Classes


Ready to up your style game or just utilize what you've got in your closet?

We've got you, girl. Our April Mini-Master Class is coming up quickly so come along for all the fun for the price of a lunch out. 

A month of new girlfriends, developing your personal style and wearing real clothes is just what the doctor ordered during this COVID uncertainty. 


We believe every woman is uniquely beautiful and deserves to feel confident, current and creative... but don't take our word for it. 

Here's what some amazing community members had to say about our March Mini Master Class:


"This class has been incredibly informative, inspirational, and a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a bunch of different outfit ideas that I had never thought of myself. The group has been a great way for me to start utilizing some of those pieces in my closet that have sat around for months. What I was pleasantly surprised about were the daily emails with a bunch of little fashion tips and tricks, or even a little pick-me-up funny moment or inspirational quote (because let's be honest, now's the time we really need something like that). I've loved seeing all the different outfits the ladies have been posting, and just how positive and uplifting everyone has been throughout the whole process. As they have always said, "all or something", makes it so you don't have to commit to doing it every single day, because I'm sure everyone's lives have been turned upside down lately, so it really does fit into your schedule however you want it to and as much as you want. 10/10 would recommend."  - Dunja Sorenson


"Where do I start?! I’ve followed the Belong Lifestyle account on Instagram for a while now. The girls came across as very friendly & approachable with a killer sense of style. A style that I could see myself in and feel comfortable in. A style that would work for you or I - an everyday person and not a celebrity. When I first heard about the March Mini class, it sounded interesting but I was a bit hesitant at first. Then I decided I had nothing to lose and joined. I’m so glad I did! The Belong girls are amazing and so are all of the women in the group. Everyone is so supportive and it’s truly a group of women building other women up. I’ve been challenged and am so happy with the results! I’ve tried outfit combinations I would never thought of and felt amazing wearing it! I feel that I’ve learned some tools on how to style the items already in my closet, tools on how to dress for my body, and tools to help with future shopping trips, plus have received a ton of outfit inspiration from the others. I couldn’t recommend this group enough, and have had such a positive experience! I can’t wait for the April class." - Denille Yungmann


"The March Mini Masterclass has been by far the best online experience I have had in a long time. I tend to buy clothing and sometimes I don’t wear items because I am unsure how to style them properly. I have many pieces with tags still attached sitting in my closet. By taking this class, I have learned how to use these items and items in my wardrobe that I hadn’t looked at for months.

I learnt to love my body and wear items that flatter my shape. I was adventurous and tried different pieces that I never would have tried before taking the class (I.e. Wide Leg Jeans). I now have increased confidence and I owe it all to this class and the wonderful women at Belong. Deena, Abbie and Lana are amazing women, who are always there to help you and make you feel 100% comfortable in your own skin. 

I am so thankful that I was introduced to Belong and I recommend this class to everyone. I cannot wait to take the April Mini Masterclass.

It really is a community where everyone Belongs!" - Leslie Edwards


Highlights from our private Facebook community:

"I’m having fun! I’m putting pieces together I normally would not. I’m wearing a bodysuit and enjoying the look and how it feels. Overall an increase in style confidence."


"I feel great! I am enjoying the ideas (so many) and the group is so much fun. I am challenging myself to participate often as I know it will help me more in the long run. I’ve also decided to sign up for April!"


"I’ve been so inspired by seeing other people’s looks and then taking the parts I love back to my closet to try. Can’t wait to see variations this week!"


"It's been fun. Pushing me outside the box, making things work for my body type. It was funny that the outfit I felt most indifferent about was the one my coworkers most complimented me on. Who knew!"


"Loving the community and ive been wearing pieces that I have buried deep in the closet...like the bodysuit. I tend to wear the same things on repeat I’m being challenged to wear other pieces that haven’t been getting much love."


"I am having fun learning how to dress my body in the best way I can. And to wear the clothes I already have in my closet in different ways. Am really enjoying the group and have decided to do April’s as well."


"It’s been great fun! I still want to clean out my closet though and step outside my box more as I tend to wear the same things over and over."

"I really had no expectations, and can truly say I am more than impressed at the level of inspiration, confidence and overall fun I’m having with this class! I love the outfit challenges, with “bonus” suggestions, and seeing everyone’s outfits and radiant smiles 🙂"

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