• Rock the Crop Top

by Abbie Ginther August 13, 2019

We know, we know. Crop tops are for seventeen-year-olds with ridiculous metabolisms and unstretched navels but we challenge you to try this trend even if your purse is filled with granola bars, Febreeze, Costco receipts and extra kid socks.

Here's how to rock the crop top past pubescence this spring:

1. Over a dress

Maxi, midi or mini, the smooth look of a dress under the crop is pure perfection. You'll look svelte and stylish this season. 

2. With high waisted jeans or leggings

Jail your jiggly bits in a pair of high-rise jeans or compression leggings and your crop will just enhance the look. Cute and comfy.

3. With a high waisted skirt or shorts.

Feeling like showing just a hint of skin? A high-waisted skirt or shorts will make your legs look longer and you look slimmer. Try it and see!

4. Over a neutral tank/bodysuit

Black or beige, you decide. This option lets you rock the crop without feeling like you're letting it all hang out the middle. 
Deena rocking it

5. However you please.

Listen. You birthed humans. You negotiate with toddlers. You can change a tire. Girl, you can rock that crop however you want. 


  • Make sure you're comfortable however you wear your crop. If mama's not happy, the fashion doesn't work. 
  • Don't feel the need to go rib height right away. Experiment with different lengths to see which one is most flattering on you. 
  • Wear a cardigan or open jacket over your look for a little security as you get used to the trend.

Not ready to invest in a crop top? No problem. Try one of these hacks:

  • Tie up your t-shirt or tank top for a cropped look without any additional cost. 
Use a ponytail holder if you don't like tying knots
  • Cut the bottom off an old sweatshirt for a vintage cropped look.
Deena rocking the real thing
  • Tuck in your top! Cropped look and zero effort. Concealed and cropped. Voilà!

We would love to see your style. If you try it, make sure to tag us on IG and Facebook or send us an email! 

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Abbie Ginther
Abbie Ginther


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