Curating Custom Closets

Curating Custom Closets


  Timeless Pieces and Consignment Gold

Hey guys! It's Abbie from Grumbling Grace

Salt and LIght Lifestyle YXEJust wanted to pop on the blog and let you know a little about the heart of Salt and Light! Deena and I are so excited about all the buzz around the clothing and community we'll be sharing with you. From all things sisterhood, motherhood and lifestyle to custom clothing, we can't wait to share our passions with you.

So let's talk clothes. 

I love fashion, you guys. It's so much fun to be able to express ourselves through apparel. However, recently I've felt convicted about my own spending. In fact, I wrote all about my one year challenge to not buy clothing for myself right here 

I know, I know. This seems like a weird way to start telling you about our awesome apparel but bear with me!

Over the last while, I've realized I don't need quantity in my wardrobe. I need QUALITY. Not purchasing items personally has allowed me to see which clothing I wear on repeat and what I really don't need. It's helped me to let go of some amazing pieces that I've been hanging onto when someone else could really use them in their wardrobe. Some of them don't fit my current stay-at-home-mom style. Some of them are beautiful but are suited to another body type. 

I've also been developing a killer list of must-haves.

Here's the great news: 

At Salt and Light we are bringing you those must-haves. We're throwing all our shopping energy into finding you beautiful closet staples for your seasonal wardrobe AS WELL AS one-of-a-kind curated consignment pieces. These range from high-end designer items to good quality gently used apparel that you can purchase guilt-free.

Stay up to date with all the fun on our Instagram account and here on the blog!

Be the Salt and Light 


Salt and Light Lifestyle YXE

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